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Janet’s Floral Art Designs

Founded in 1996, Janet's Flower Garden grew out of a passion for pressed flowers, historical postcards and calligraphy designs. Ultimately after creating a set of family postcards, the idea to make these gifts available to the public became possible. Now people from all over the world request custom invitations, artistic gifts and pressed flower art from Janet's Flower Garden.

Flowers are hand selected from Janet's garden. You can find an array of seasonal and annual flowers and plants to include with your gift. They are perfect for all kinds of artistic pieces and gifts as well as invitations. When combined with historical postcards that often date back to before 1918, these unique gifts really impress family, friends and co-workers. With talented calligraphy designs, your invitations and artwork come to life.

Through her artwork, Janet shares beauty and nostalgia through each specialized gift. The postcards in her pieces have been passed down in her family from generation to generation, which is why a few date back to 1890s. Each card sends a message that has a hint of romance and history.

Call to create a special order for gifts. We also take custom orders for floral art wedding invitations, birth announcements and letters.

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